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Isn’t It Time You Stopped Waiting to be Discovered and Start Taking Action?

If you’ve watched the above video, (and if you haven’t, you should.) You now understand the old ways of getting a book published no longer apply. Up until now you’ve likely believed writing a great book was the key to publishing success. Such a book would be your golden ticket. Your on ramp to a life filled with notoriety and financial success. It will end your struggles and be the long-awaited reward for all your hard work and sacrifice.

Honestly. That is a terrific end to a terrific story. The long-suffering protagonist overcomes all odds, all naysayers and detractors and is vindicated by the publication of his/hers soon-to-be best selling novel.

And we do so much want to believe in that, and desperately want that to happen. It’s so up-lifting when years of hard-work and dedication is finally rewarded with fame and fortune.

Unfortunately, in most cases, it isn’t. Not by a long shot. Not even close.

Here’s the reality.

Everybody has dreams. Not just writers, but nearly everyone who aspires to a better life. In most cases, those dreamers want to be successful too. Some open an art gallery, or music studio. Others open their own product or service business. All wanting to be their own boss. They believe so strongly in their ability, in their artistry, in their business idea, they can’t possible fail. So they invest every dime they have, run up their credit cards, mortgage their houses, all because they believe!

Belief is a wonderful thing. It gets us through hard times and gives us hope when all seems lost.

But…Belief without factoring in reality is the road to ruin. In most cases 7 out of ten businesses fail. 9 out of ten in the first five years. Over 300 thousand books are published a year and less than one percent become best sellers. And the majority of writers, even the mildly successful ones have to supplement their income with speaking engagements.

What??!! That can’t be true! Stephen King, and John Grisham sell millions of books that have generated them great financial rewards. 

That’s true! But keep in mind that Stephen King got his first publishing contract in 1974, John Grisham in 1988. A lot has changed since then. And if you’re reading this, you’ve likely submitted at least one manuscript to agents and publishers and have received your first of soon-to-be many, rejection letters. 

Why? Well, we’ve already gone over that in the video.

In today’s industry, if you want that publishing contract you must first prove that you can sell a book, not just write one. Because, if you can’t do that, they simply aren’t interested regardless of how many queries and synopses you submit. 

 Take a moment and let that sink in.

 I know you don’t want to believe it, but publishers are in business to make a profit. Not to make your dreams come true.

Seriously, what are the odds of some unknown writer with no following, or notoriety, securing a million dollar contract from an industry where money is tight and flop could lead to financial ruin?

Not good.

So what are your options? 

As mentioned in the video, you could strike out on your own with a self-published book, but what do you know about book cover design? Professional editing? Book marketing? Email lists? Social media advertising? Blogging? Podcasting?

Not much, I’ll bet. But we do. And we can teach you how its done.

So let’s look at the cost. $500 down and $500 when the book is ready for publication. For some, that’s a lot of money, or others, a drop in the bucket. For both, an actual, real-life opportunity to have your book professionally edited and transformed into a book that can proudly stand alongside any published by a major house, and also be available for sale on Amazon and countless other outlets.

 You can invest in yourself, or you can keep on submitted manuscripts, query letters and synopses in the hope that you’ll be discovered and whisked away to a life of fame and fortune.  

Seriously, who is the fiction writer here? 

 If you’re serious, now is the time to get started. We’ll show you how. email us at or call 518-415-7181 to schedule a free, no obligation consultation. 




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