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Let’s get right down to it, you’ve written a book, had it properly edited, submitted a carefully crafted query letter and received an automatic rejection letter.

Here’s the reality. Book publishing is a business! AND THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF ANY BUSINESS IS MARKETING THE PRODUCT. Without marketing many great products die a lonely death on the shelves. With knowledgeable marketing even the crappiest bit of fluff can generate millions of sales. It’s all about the craft, the presentation and the marketing.

If you’ve written a book and believe it should sell on its merits alone, you’re not being realistic. If you truly believe in your book then you must take it into battle and prove that it has value and is worth reading. You must knock on every door, call every reader and sell it at every outlet.

Ever hear of Amanda Hocking? When she was in her early twenties she submitted her manuscript to just about every publisher in Jeff Hermans book. And was rejected by all of them. This was back in the early days of Kindle, so she decided she would write short stories and send them out to whoever showed an interest in reading them

 But most importantly, she asked them to tell her what they liked and what they didn’t like about the stories.

And they did. Not many at first but she continued writing at a furious pace and slowly she built a number of constant readers, who pointed out the flaws, mistakes and dull spots in her stories and she immediately corrected them.

By this point she had become very good at the craft and so she took those rewritten stories and featured them on Kindle singles

And they sold.

Next, she started uploading her rewritten books and they sold, AND garnered her hundreds of positive reviews

At this point her book sales made her financially independent, and the major houses began knocking on her door, with book publishing offers.

It was everything she ever wanted.

And she turned them down.

Why? Because it was clear she didn’t need them. She had learned how to market her books and in the process created a huge list of followers.

Right now you have two choices. Keep writing books, sending out queries, attending conferences and receiving rejection letters…

Or purchase Ari Publishing’s Standard Publishing Package which includes a complete video tutorial presentation that shows you how to market, where to market, how to find readers, how to collect email addresses of your fans, how to get reviews, how to generate sales, how to get your book into stores and so much more. No other publisher provides this kind of information.


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