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Still writing novels, query letters and submissions hoping to be DISCOVERED and whisked away to a life of literary success?

Sorry, but that’s not going to happen.


Because submitting query letters, sample chapters etc. doesn’t get publishing deals anymore.

The Rules have changed.

However, you can become a best-selling novelist BUT, first, you’ll have to put aside your dreams of BEING DISCOVERED, and deal with the stark realities of the industry. To make that happen, we have created a three step program that will teach you how the industry works and what you need to do to have them take you seriously.

STEP ONE: Stop Writing!

You’ve done enough. Ignore  reports of some unknown writer signing a huge publishing deal with a major house. Oh yes, it does happen. But only to One Percent of the hundreds of thousands of authors who submit manuscripts each year. The odds are the same as you winning the lottery.

So you need to change your game plan.

You need to start focusing on how to write books that capture a book buyer’s attention in today’s market, not the bygone era of Hemingway’s and Faulkner’s. Learn why a fanciful and artistic titles like, For Whom the Bell Tolls and A Catcher in the Rye are present day sale killers. Why Google’s search engine is so important to the success of your book. How a simple blog can drive agents and publishers to your door just like Amanda Hocking’s did. What keywords are and how they can promote your novel.

Stop telling yourself that you don’t need to learn the industry’s book marketing rules because your next book will be the one that rockets you to literary super stardom. Don’t let that super ego almost all writers possess ruin your odds of actually getting a publishing deal.

On the other hand, your odds will GREATLY improve if you read and study

how to write finalkindle The Best Book on How to Write, Publish and Market Your Novel into a Best Seller

 WHY? Because it eliminates all the nonsense and TELLS YOU EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW (and do) if you want to make writing a full time profession. Buy it. Read It. STUDY IT! In it you’ll learn the ten most common mistakes that almost always generate a rejection letter. What the phrase “As you know, Bob,” means. The 5 deadly plot contrivances, the KISS and Pick one rules, how to copyright your book, how to CORRECTLY upload it to Kindle, AND SO MUCH MORE!

Just click this link: The Best Book on How to Write, Publish and Market Your Novel into a Best Seller


STEP TWO: Write a Short Kindle Book

Yes, I realize that you are an artiste and were put here to write that great literary masterpiece.

Me too.

The problem is you’re not going to get the chance unless you can convince a publisher that not only can you write well, but can also write books that sell.

I simply cannot impress upon you the importance and the necessity of possessing that skill.  The first thing an agent will do, is see if people are reading what you write. They are not going to present your manuscript to a publisher if you don’t have some sort of track record. 

The Best Book on How to Write, Publish and Market Your Novel into a Best Seller will teach you how to create several short kindle books and upload them to Amazon Kindle. Once done, it will show you how to promote them. You do this by having your book featured on book promotion sites. These sites are usually free (or charge a small amount) and can get your book directly in front of the buying public.  Google book promotion sites to get a full list.

STEP THREE: Now you bring out your masterpiece.

Over the last few months you have been releasing your small kindle books, have been getting input from your subscribers, have discovered what they WANT to read and delivered exactly what they were looking for. REMEMBER, they don’t think like you do so your job is to fine tune your writing so it becomes a book THEY WILL HAPPILY BUY.

So once you’ve built up your readership, have a popular blog, have several videos on YouTube and have a professionally edited manuscript to submit, now, is when you submit your query, because you’ve got some muscle behind it.

Want more info? Then read section 9 in the Best Book etc. Most authors get their first big break at these special events.

One last thing before you go charging in with your masterpiece. Always keep these facts in mind.

Fact #1 PUBLISHING IS A BUSINESS! And most major publishing houses are owned by fortune 500 corporations. And corporations don’t nurture and develop talent. They look for emerging business opportunities and invest in them. Therefore the person with a self published book that is selling well will very quickly gain the attention of agents and publishing houses. WHY? Because there is money to be made!

Fact #2 Who are you and why should we publish your book?   If you respond with “It’s a touching story about love, life and the difficult choices we must all make.” You will lose your audience. BUT if you say “My name is John Doe and I sold 500 copies of my $15 book on line yesterday and will likely be selling 1000 a day by week’s end, I guarantee you will have their undivided attention.

Fact # 3 Unless you can convince them your book will be a best seller, you’re just another dreamer with delusions of grandeur. Think Hammett, Steinbeck or Hemingway would have gone quietly into that good night? Think you’re in their league?


 That’s where Ari Publishing comes in.

If you’ve already created a book and have been submitting it to agents and publishers to no avail. Here are some of the reasons it’s probably not being looked at or considered.

1) It hasn’t been professionally edited.  

2) You haven’t proven that you can sell a book. You don’t know what a Sales Page is, what a Lead Magnet is, or how to create facebook ads that are specifically tailored to your target audience. 

3) You don’t have a blog, haven’t had articles published on popular e zines. don’t have a number of popular small books on Kindle. No promotional videos on YouTube. 

In order to attract agents and publishers you MUST give the impression that you are a talent on the verge of commercial success.

Want your first novel done professionally?

Want to take that first step in securing a publishing deal and make all that hard work you put into your book pay off?

Then have a look at our standard book package.

Standard Package
The Standard Package contains everything needed to create a quality book to sell on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple stores, independent book stores and gift shops.

Questions? Email us at or call 518-636-6046

Professional Editing

NOTE* We only publish professionally edited manuscripts. If you require professional editing, we have partnered with one of the best in the business fee for 8”X 11” double-spaced pages, 12-14 type size with standard font is $1.50 per page.

Book Covers

We do not use templates. Each book cover will be unique AND contain all the attributes that make a book cover a success: Bright & Strong colors, Sharp Contrast, Clarity, & Text Size for thumbnail review.  A back cover blurb will be crafted specifically to generate interest and the need to know more. We’ll consult with you during the process so your book cover will be exactly what you want.
$247.00 per cover

Paperback book creation

The prices vary according to the size of the book, also vary depending on the cover (matte or gloss) and page color (white or cream) and paper type. However the approximate cost of producing THE ORIGINAL physical book is a one-time charge of $199.00 for a  9”X 6” book on white standard paper, 12-14 type size and standard font with a color cover. Remember, your first book shouldn’t be too big. Big books cost a lot of money to print and ship. And few publisher are willing to spend that kind of money on a first time author.

NOTE* All costs regarding the creation and delivery of ordered novels will be discussed and agreed upon before production begins. No hidden charges, fees or ad-ons.

Questions? Email us at

So let’s look at what you receive when you purchase the Standard Package

$297.00 one-time cost to create THE ORIGINAL physical book from the professionally edited manuscript you submit.

$247.00 one-time cost for an original book cover, INCLUDING a back cover that includes a professionally written book content teaser and your photograph.

$75.00 one-time cost to have your book officially copyrighted and registered with the Library of Congress.

$150 for an ISBN number. It is the barcode you see on the back of books and required if you want to sell your book in stores or online.

$230.00 one-time cost for editing a book approx at the above dimensions (should you choose New Author copyediting)

However, All prices will be agreed upon before book goes into production. There will be no last minute fees or add-ons.

$997.00 or 3 payments of $332.00

PLUS…  we’ll include the $99.00 kindle version of your book for FREE! That’s a TOTAL Savings of $126.00!

Questions? Email us at

 Your time is VALUABLE. Stop wasting it chasing agents and publishers and start creating books that will get them chasing after you!

Order our standard package now and we’ll give you a free copy of the best selling,

 The Best Book on How to Write Publish and Market Your Novel into a Best Seller.

So are you ready to invest in your future or simply keep sending out manuscripts and hope for the best?

email us at or call 518-636-6046 Mon-Fri 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. EST (After hours leave message with best time to call you back.)



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