Are Your Print Ads Wasting Your Advertising Budget?

As a professional, you need to know: Are Your Print Ads Wasting Your Advertising Budget? Because if you don’t know what attracts people to your ads, you’re throwing money out the window!

The reason for this is that most people don’t understand how advertising works.
For example: here is what most ads created to sell a product look like:

Premier widget for sale. Only used once. Great price. Call. 555-1234

Or if they’re selling a service, the ad will read:

We repair broken widgets, any size day or night. Call us first for the best price 555-1234

In the case of information to sell, the ad reads:

Want to learn how to make your dog do exactly what you say? Then buy The Better Dog Training Manual now on sale for ONLY $29.95 Go to our website

Seriously. Do any of those ads spur your interest?

Any of them make you want to rush to the phone or to their website?
The only thing that stands out is the lack of imagination and effort put into the structure of the ad. What it basically says is: I got this. If you want it. Call or go to… And with so many of them structured that way all they succeed in doing is make you go elsewhere.

I’ve just read 10 ads written like that. I’m looking for the best deal on the best product. So, why should I buy from you?

Here’s the thing.

When people lay out their hard earned money, they want to feel like they’ve gotten a bargain or at least, their money’s worth. Not just something you no longer wanted.

Here’s what you do instead:

First: don’t try and sell the product with the ad. The ad is supposed to get them to click on your link or call your business phone.
A properly crafted sales page contains all the bells and whistles needed to establish the AIDA-Which is: Get their ATTENTION, pique their INTEREST, generate Desire and urge them to take ACTION.
So for example: Say you are selling an exercise and diet plan, here’s how the ad should read:

Feeling tired, run down…
Gaining weight…
It happens…
Want to turn it around…
Want to be healthy and fit…
That can happen too…
One link…
One click…
One new happier life

What we did here was to address the reader’s problem. They’ve let themselves go, are presently overweight and out of shape and want a solution. We then commiserated with them and showed compassion. Then offered hope, and the possibility of solving their problem and most importantly, made them curious enough to click and see what we have to offer.

I presently have a book out called The Best Book on How to Start Over: Rebuild your Mind, Body and Finances. And so my ad reads like this:
Do you want to change your life…
I’m serious…
Do you REALLY want to change your life…
If so…
Because if you do…
And you’re serious…
One link…
One changed life…
Click here

Here’s another example:

Take a moment to walk your fingers through the Yellow Pages. How many ads start with the words, honest, reliable, best customer service or our service is second to none?? Or show photographs of their service people?

When you considered the expense of a half page ad in the yellow pages how does a photo of your very average looking and unphotogenic employees going to make me rush to call your company?

One insurance company features their logo, among a photo of hot air balloons and a list of various types of insurance.

WOW! Where do I sign?!!

Do you know what I didn’t see? I didn’t see how doing business with that company or purchasing that product would benefit me.

And to be completely honest with you, that’s all I care about.

There was one exception that leapt right out at me. It was for Anderson Windows and Doors and the ad read:

Imagine a patio door that you can slide instead of shove.

Brilliant! If you have patio doors like I do, you know what a chore it is to open and close the damn things. They immediately grabbed my attention with a HEADLINE of their product’s benefit

So if you want to get to the head of the line right out of the gate, feature a customer BENEFIT at the top of your ad whether it is in print on the radio or on your website.

Also make sure to give them something in the form of knowledge, entertainment or some small free gift in conjunction with what you’re selling.

Remember-When you are selling somebody something you are infringing on their valuable time. Even if they don’t buy, make sure they go on their way feeling the time they spent with you wasn’t wasted!

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