Professional Voice-Overs

A Professional Voice-Over will add that special touch to your book’s promotion. You’ve spent a considerable amount of time creating a quality novel, Take it one step further and create a quality presentation as well Email us at and we’ll send you our no obligation product and price package.

Narration and Conversion to an Audio Book

We have a large number of professional narrators with years of experience ready and able to do your book. Male, female, american accent, english accent, southern drawl, you name it. Prices usually begin at $150-$200 per hour which is approxiamately 16,250 words or 65 pages using the standard “5.5” width by “8.5” height book foremat. Pricing does vary depending on the topic and the complexity of the subject matter. You will be involved in all phases of the audio book’s creation and have the final say as to how it is to be presented.

To find out more, contact us at and we’ll answer all your questions.


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