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Your Own Published Novel.

As a novelist the first thing you need to do is to get a professionally crafted, properly edited novel into the hands of the public. Spending your life writing novel after novel, only to collect rejection notices will not accomplish that goal. 

 So, let’s focus on what will.

Here are your options.


So how are we different from all those other options?

First, once you purchase our publishing package, you keep ALL the royalties. If you’ve never been published by a major house you probably don’t know that the author gets the smallest piece of the pie. The distributors and the publishers get the most.

With Ari Publishing the book is edited for maximum ease of reading, and to promote interest on what happens next. We create a high-quality, eye-catching cover along with a back cover professionally written blurb. To see examples, CLICK HERE

During the process we will confer with you on our editing suggestions, book cover designs and overall look. We will send you a galley (a sample of the finished product) for you to look over and make suggestions and tweaks.

When the book process is completed, usually within thirty days, you will receive the final galley as well as the video tutorial on book marketing

But that’s not all.

When completed, your book will be featured on Amazon as a paperback and as a Kindle e-book. You decide the price it will sell for, and you can sell it anywhere you want (the video will show you how) You will have full access to the book printer to have as many copies created as you want. Or if you prefer, have it printed by a printer of your own choosing. 

There are no contracts to sign, no long term involvement. So when the major publishing houses start showing interest, you’re free to sign with them and have them publish your book. Your option.


Standard Publishing Package

The Standard Package contains everything needed to create a quality book to sell on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple stores and gift shops.

Questions? Email us at or call 518-415-7181

Book Covers


We do not use templates. Each book cover will be unique AND contain all the attributes that make a book cover a success: Bright & Strong colors, Sharp Contrast, Clarity, & Text Size for thumbnail review. We can create an eye-catching unique book cover design.  A back cover blurb will be crafted specifically to generate interest and the need to know more. We’ll consult with you during the process so your book cover will be exactly what you want.

Paperback book creation


 9”X 6” book on white standard paper, 12-14 type size and standard font with a color cover.

The paperback copies for your clients or readers will cost you approxiamatelyabout $4-$7 each depending on the amount of pages (Plus shipping) to purchase. Most of our clients order 25-50 copies directly from the printer. The copy prices (as well as shipping costs which also vary depending on how quickly you want the books delivered)

Questions? Email us at

So let’s review what you receive when you purchase the Standard Package

 A professionally crafted and edited paperback novel.

An original book cover, INCLUDING a back cover that includes a professionally written book content teaser and your photograph if you wish.

Your book officially copyrighted and registered with the Library of Congress.

 A registered ISBN number. It is the barcode you see on the back of books and required if you want to sell your book in stores or online.

  • You will inspect and approve the finished product BEFORE it goes into production.

• You keep 100% of the royalties from sales.

• You keep 100% of your rights.

• You have 100% ownership of the product.

• You have a copyrighted book registered with the Library of Congress.

So… This full package containing a physical 9” x  6” book with an original cover, complete professional editing with the ARI PUBLISHING imprint, a registered ISBN in YOUR name, the cost is $500.00 to begin working on the manuscript and $500.00 when the book is completed and approved for publication by you.

PLUS… if you chose this package we include the $99.00 kindle version of your book for FREE! That’s a TOTAL Savings of $126.00!

Questions? Email us at

Plus A Professionally Crafted Book Marketing Homepage. 

A professionally crafted website is essential to create interest and generate sales.

 You buy the domain name and the hosting package and we’ll create a website to market your books. The cost for this service is usually several hundred dollars. At Ari Publishing, it comes with the standard publishing package.

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